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CNC Build in Munich
05.03.23 21:12
CNC Build in Munich

Hi There Everyone.

I'm reaching out to the Munich Community of CNC builders to see if I can find anyone that would be interested in building a very simple CNC machine that is, however quite large in order to be able to cut eps foam blocks.

I am a small windsurfing company and we manufacture eps phone calls by cutting them with a CNC machine. However, we are looking to expand on our business and not rely on other companies to cut or Foam blocks anymore.

We are very much a little start of business, but if anyone is interested in helping us as we do not have the full knowledge to be able to do this ourselves, we would be very happy to introduce you to the project.

You can reach out to me through the forum. Full knowledge is required on CNC construction and we are prepared to purchase all the parts and equipment needed to build the CNC. We do have specifications already in place.

We look forward to hearing back to the from the community.

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