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Limit switches place
14.01.16 09:29
Limit switches place

I am waiting my Shapeoko kit and in mean time I started to prepare myself for building.
I will use Grbl+Arduino and I want to have home switches.I will put also software switches for max limits.
So, the question is-where are they placed?
For the X and Y axes it is simple: lower left corner , (0,0) absolute position of the working area.
The problem is for Z . What is home for Z? Z=0 or Z=Zmax? After starting the machine and command homing, in which direction will move Z to find the switch-in positive direction to Zmax or in negative direction, looking for Z=0?
I am not sure if it is the same as in 3D printers case, where I am working with all in (0,0,0).
Thank you.

14.01.16 15:18
Re: Limit switches place

I think I found the answer, but is not what I thought!
Here: https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions

"Grbl's homing cycle assumes you have set up axes directions correctly. So on a standard mill, this means the positive directions for each axis is: Z-axis spindle moves up, Y-axis table moves toward you (or carriage moves away), and X-axis table moves to the left. Once you have this setup, the homing cycle defaults to searching for the limit switch all in the positive direction, starting with the z-axis and followed by the x-axis and y-axis together".
That means homing is up (Zmax) , Xmax and Ymax.

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